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What Is the Easiest Way To Convert Streaming Videos To iDVD?


My wife is technology challenged while it comes easy to me. I purchased her an exercise course that is only streamed. While I can put it on the Apple TV, she has difficulty navigating even the Apple TV remote.
I downloaded the files, but now want to convert them to a DVD. I have iDVD on my older iMac but it is taking forever to convert them. Just 6 streaming videos about 45 minutes in total length combined and it is taking me over 4 hours to burn them to a DVD.

Do you have any other quicker and easier way to do the conversion? She can operate a remote for the DVD player but even our Logitech remote gives her issues.

Thanks in advance

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    4 years ago

    Doing it the way you are doing it is probably best. It isn't like you need to do this again, so just let it finish. It does take a long time to convert video to the old DVD format, which dates back to the 1990s and can never change (or old DVD players would stop working). Since you are using an older Mac, I'm sure that contributes to the slowness.

    You could try converting the video in steps if the videos you have are in some difficult format. So opening each in QuickTime Player on your newer Mac, converting them to some more standard format, then moving them to the older Mac to build the DVD. But I can only guess that maybe this could shave off some minutes. Probably not.

    Have you considered teaching her how to use the voice controls on the Apple TV? Perhaps there is a series of voice commands you can teach her to get the videos playing?

    4 years ago

    Good idea. Didn't think of that. LOL

    The videos are already converted to mp4 format so I don't think that is the issue. Guess I'll just have to use the old iMac. Glad I have my MacBook Pro also. LOL. I did try it on there. I copied the app over and it does work. Just not any faster and it bogs down when encoding after an hour or so.

    Thanks for the assist.

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