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What Is the Purpose Of the Preview Folder In Finder?

What is the purpose of the preview folder in Finder? Can I delete the files from preview folder? if yes, does it deletes the original copy of the file?

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    6 years ago

    The only folder named Preview by default is the one in iCloud Drive. Of course you can create your own folder with that name anywhere you like, so I'm not 100% certain we are talking about the same thing.

    If you mean the iCloud Drive Preview folder, then this is a folder meant to hold documents created by and for the Preview app. The name "Preview" just refers to the app Preview, in the same way the folder there called "Keynote" refers to the app Keynote.

    iCloud Drive has these app-specific folders as default iCloud Drive locations for files created by these apps. You can use them if you like, or create your own organizational structure and store these files elsewhere. But typically the apps use these as the default location when you open and save documents, though you may have opened or saved documents elsewhere since you started using the app and it now defaults to the last used location.

    The files in the Preview folder, or any folder like it, are files like any other. If you delete them, then you are deleting those files -- they will be gone.

    Kishore Kumar Maistry
    6 years ago

    Indeed I was talking about the preview folder in iCloud Drive and thanks for the answer.

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