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What to do about Google recent searches?

Hey guys,

I really dislike the google recent searches prompt that pops up on my safari toolbar for google search; is there a way to either disable the recent searches or even perhaps to automate it to clear at user-defined intervals without prompting?

— Pran

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    10 years ago

    It seems you could do this easily with a Terminal command in Safari 4. But I can’t find any reference to an equivalent switch in Safari 5. I have found some references to a 3rd-party application called “Glims” which may help.
    What do you dislike about the recent searches? You can just ignore them and keep typing…

      10 years ago

      Hey Gary,

      It’s nothing major but it’s a) irritating and b) if ppl sit around, they can see my recent searches and I’d rather not answer why I’m googling the childhood of James Cameron or the most common indian nicknames etc.:-) Will check out glims

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