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What’s the Best Program To Make a Simple Spreadsheet?

I’m not good at this. All I want to do is make a basic spreadsheet to put in phone numbers and addresses. Which program should I use or is there an app I could use? This is for my desk computer…. not iPad or iPhone. Thanks. :)
Cheryl Applegate

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    4 years ago

    Numbers is the spreadsheet app from Apple that you get for free if you have bought a new Mac in the last few years. You download it from the Mac App Store. It can be used for simple things and complex things. You could certainly use it for making a spreadsheet of contact information.
    Another option is to use Google’s free online spreadsheets.
    While it may seem odd to use a web-based app for spreadsheets, this type of document is becoming more and more common. It is free.
    Of course if this is for your personal contacts, then just use the built-in Contacts app on your Mac. But I assume you are asking because you want to build an independent list, such as for an organization or event.

    Cheryl Applegate
    4 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! This is helpful.

    4 years ago

    You can also create a simple spread sheet in Pages by using the Insert Menu and Choosing Insert Table.

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