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What’s Wrong When I Can’t Post My Video Made On iMovie?

I used the iMovie app on my iPhone to make a video with pics I took and chose the music the app offered. Facebook won’t post as they said the music belonged to someone else (copyright etc). Why is the music offered in this iMovie app if it is illegal to use it?
P. Hildreth

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    2 years ago

    The music that comes pre-packaged with iMovie is completely legal to use. Are you using one of those? Or something you downloaded on iTunes. Apple provides it for such a purpose.

    So Facebook is wrong.

    However, your options are either to fight Facebook on it, or to use another piece of music. I’m not sure what Facebook offers as far as recourse here. I had the same problem with a YouTube upload many years ago. I was easily able to contact YouTube, explain the situation, and then they allowed my video. But I’m not sure if Facebook would react the same way , or at all.

    Another option is to not upload to Facebook. Upload to YouTube or another video site. Then link to it on Facebook in your post.

    P. Hildreth
    2 years ago

    I chose the title ‘Simple’ under the Theme Music on the iMovie app. From what I read, you are given permission to use the music offered in this app.

    2 years ago

    Funny story. The issue I had years ago with YouTube is when I used a musical piece from iMovie/GarageBand/iLife in a video. YouTube got notice from a publisher that it was a copyright violation. While searching, I found some individual had published an album online and one of the tracks was that piece of music! Either it was his originally, but Apple had licensed it a long time ago, or (more likely) he simply pulled the music right from iLife and then self-published an album with similar tracks. Then the music was in databases used by software to troll YouTube for copyright issues and popped up automatically as a violation. YouTube was very good about it.

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