Forum Question: Where Can I Find Plain White Wallpaper for My iPhone 5?

White wallpaper is an option in MacBook Pro. Is there a way to transfer that image to my phone? (I’ve spent some unsuccessful time looking for plain white wallpaper on Google.)
I realize this isn’t the most important question of the week.

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    1/12/13 @ 4:13 pm

    Not sure where you can find it, but you don’t need to find it. You can make it. Just use any image editing program and create a jpg image that is all white. Make it the same dimensions as your iPhone (320×480 or 320×568) or double that for retina — but I don’t think it matters because it is just white you want. So fill the whole image with white pixels.
    You can use Photoshop, Pixelmator, Seashore or any image editing app. Heck, you could even duplicate a photo in iPhoto and then color adjust it to brighten everything to pure white.
    Then just put that image in your iPhoto collection — or whatever you share your photos to the iPhone with. Then set that image to be your background wallpaper.
    You could also do the same thing with any image editing or creation software on the iPhone itself. There are probably several free drawing apps — just start a new image with a white background and save it without drawing anything.

      John F.
      1/13/13 @ 1:29 am

      Here’s what I did … after I read this post on my Twitter Feed went to the next tweet. When I clicked a link within that tweet to open the link, the screen was white for about 2-3 seconds while the page was loading. I just captured that white screen on my iPad (hold down home button and power button together). Then I cropped out the title bar and have a perfect white background screen.

        1/13/13 @ 8:45 am

        Good idea. I actually tried to do that with some other apps — like finding a page in Safari and zooming in on a white area. But I couldn’t find a good example of something that was all white and easy to snap.

    Gordon Potter
    1/12/13 @ 8:18 pm

    I may have this wrong, but I think you can use any image in the Photo Library for Wall Paper. So take a picture of a white sheet of paper, and select that image.

      1/12/13 @ 9:34 pm

      I was going to suggest that, but the camera is too good. You’ll get a nice textured image of paper, not true white. I just did it the other day for a game screen background, in fact.

    1/14/13 @ 11:22 am

    Thanks everyone …

    I guess this forum is intendended for more savvy readers than I am. I don’t have, nor know how to use, an image editing program. Nor am I on Twitter.

    On to Plan B.

    Thanks again,


      1/14/13 @ 2:17 pm

      OK, how about this. Do a Google image search for “white image” and then click on “images” at the top. Select an image that is all white and download it.

        1/15/13 @ 10:10 am


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