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where do duplicate versions of a document save?

When a document is duplicated, does the duplicate copy show up in finder right next to the original? Also, doesn’t iWork save different versions of your current document? are these different versions accessible from the finder, or do you just have to open up the document and look at the various versions from there?

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    10 years ago

    Are you talking about when you duplicate the files in the Finder? If so, then just try it. You will see the duplicate show up next to the current file with the word “copy” in the title.
    Or, are you talking about in an application like TextEdit or Pages? In Lion, you have a new Duplicate menu item.
    If that is what you mean, then they don’t’ save anywhere. It creates a new document that is unsaved. Your next step might be to save it. See episode 585:
    The versions inside a file are saved inside the same file. There is only one file, but it remembers what the file looked like each time you hit “Save a Version” (Command+S). The video explains it all.

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