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Where Do I Get the Malwarebytes App?

What happened to the app Malwarebytes… the App Store doesn’t seem to have in Catalina. Is it still recommended?? Unsure as to what is needed with my new computer and Catalina to keep it in top shape.

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    2 years ago

    Was it ever in the Mac App Store? I don’t think it was because software like that needs to dig deep in your system and I don’t think that type of software is allowed in the app store.

    So if you have let malware get on your machine and choose to use it to solve the problem, you’d get it from the official website like before.

    Not sure what you mean by “recommended.” Apple has never recommended any anti-malware software. Some individuals may have, but Apple has not. There is already anti-malware that is part of macOS. See

    If you are looking to keep you Mac is “top shape” you don’t need any such software. Malwarebytes is good when you have taken risks and gotten burned, but otherwise you don’t need it. You don’t need any cleaning software either.

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    My Mother recently got an infection on her iMac. She got it from a fake Adobe Flash Player update installer while browsing the web. It installed a macOS admin profile (similar to what a business would use to remotely manage the computer), installed rogue extensions into Safari and Chrome but not Firefox, and hijacked the home page of Safari and Chrome. I used Malwarebytes to disable and remove the infection.

    Russ Tolman
    2 years ago

    Doug–I had a Cousin do the exact same thing with the fake Adobe flash player update. Malwarebytes came to the rescue; but not before his computer was a mess. It took 8 hours before I finally got it cleaned up. Thanks again Gary for a great site and info.

    Douglas Brace
    2 years ago

    Russ — Malwarebytes has a paid-for version that comes with active monitoring and removal. When it removed it I was curious (but not willing to find out) if it would have helped to stop it from happening in the first place. In my experience with the paid-for version Malwarebytes on PC, it does a good job of preventing the infection at all.

    Jan Franklin
    2 years ago

    I love Malwarebytes (free version). As a mentor for a large Apple contingent in a retirement area, we use this app often, even in a Catalina environment, to defeat adware that appears…we try our best to alert users of the many risks involved in improper procedures, but have found that in most cases, once the damage is present, Malwarebytes can handle it.

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