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Where Is My Contacts Backup?

How can I get Time Machine to back up my contacts or does iCloud back them up?

Lost a contact thinking Time machine backed it up but Apple support had me move them to the cloud as it doesn’t since between the two.

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    3 years ago

    There is a special function in iCloud for restoring old contacts. You'll find it by going to and logging in there. Then go to Settings, scroll down to the Advanced section, and look for Restore Contacts.

    If you were not using iCloud before, then the contacts were just stored on your local drive ("On My Mac"). In that case Time Machine would have backed them up, yes. They aren't available as a file you can easily see, but you could have just used the "Enter Time Machine" function while the Contacts app was the current app, and you could go back to previous versions of the Contacts database to find old contacts there.

    3 years ago

    Thanks Gary. They were already in the cloud so I’ll check it out. Hopefully you can restore a single contact

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