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Where Is the Battery Percentage iOS 14?

How do I find battery percentage on iPhone with OS14
To see my battery percentage before charging.

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    1 year ago

    It appears in the same place it does for iOS 13. Bring up Control Center (in iPhones without a Home button, swipe down from the top right corner) and the battery icon there has a percentage.

    Note that you don’t need to check the battery percentage before charging. You can certainly use it to see if you need to charge — like if you are planning on going out and want to charge it for an hour before you do if it is low, but not if it is still high. But if you are putting it down and can charge, there is no reason not to change it when you can.

    1 year ago

    It should still be in your status bar if you had that enabled in the past. If it’s not there or it’s been turned off for some reason when you updated, you can re-enable it in battery settings.

    1 year ago

    Thank you

    1 year ago

    If there is nothing else connected (ie: via bluetooth, such as airpods) then yes, you see the actual percentage, XX%, but if you have something else connected, you just see an icon with a circle around it, and with a green ring around that circle that gives you an ‘idea’ of where you are battery percentage wise. If you know how to tell time, then sure, you can guesstimate, but I’d really like to still see a 2 digit number with a % following, that tells me where I am at!

    1 year ago

    Carl: You can always add a Battery widget. Do it on the Widgets screen ( to the left of the Home screens) or on any Home screen by tapping and holding any icon until they wiggle, then the + button at the top, then look for Batteries and add one of those widgets.

    Jacqui Ridler
    1 year ago

    When you edit the home page select battery then swipe sideways there are different options, two of them show the battery %

    Deb Powers
    12 months ago

    Thank you for showing me how to restore my battery percentage display and edit the notifications after the IOS 14 update.

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