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Which Facetime Phone Call Option Should I Use?

I thought this might be a good topic for a video. If you open Facetime and enter a phone number, there are two options: Facetime audio, and Call using Iphone. Which should I use? Tx
Paul Goodwin

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    2 years ago

    Not sure where you are seeing this option. When I open FaceTime, I need to select a contact from a list, or add one. I could add one and give it a phone number, but then I just get the option to use FaceTime Audio or Video. I don’t see a “Call Using iPhone” option.

    I would guess that wherever you are seeing these two options, that one is to use FaceTime and the other is to use your mobile carrier’s mobile phone system. That would be the difference.

    I’d also image the options would be different depending on what the contact has. Do they have a land line phone? A non-Apple phone? An Apple ID or not? A combination of all of those.

    The biggest reason to use FaceTime audio over your mobil phone audio may be to save your allotted mobile carrier “minutes.” But also quality may be better using FaceTime audio. And if you are on a Wi-Fi connection, with no mobile phone service, then FaceTime may be your only option, unless your carrier also offers Wi-Fi calling.

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