Forum Question: Why does Imovie import some .mp4s and not others?

Hi Gary,

Thought it better to put a fresh post instead of reply. Imovie is letting me import some .mp4 files but not others….specifically those I created from Handbrake. Does this have anything to do with 64-bit? When I tried to use Handbrake to read my dv, it prompted me to download 64 bit VLC player which I did, but I don’t see what the problem is with mp4s.

— Dhruv

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    6/24/10 @ 7:27 am

    .mp4 is a file type — it can contain video compressed a variety of ways. My guess is that those .mp4 files that won’t import are using a compression format that iMovie doesn’t support.When using Handbrake, you can choose from a variety of format presets or customize your own. Whichever one you are using must not be compatible with iMovie. I think one is called “Apple Universal” format — try that one to start with.

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