Forum Question: Will iCloud backup photo albums on iPad?

Do you know if iCloud will backup (and save forever up to the free 5G limit) photo albums from an iPad? I’m wondering if an iPad can be used as a standalone device (never connect to a computer) and import photos from a camera using the iPad camera connection kit, store the photos in albums on the iPad and rely on iCloud to keep a copy of all your pictures in your albums. If not, do you know how someone could permanently backup photos for an iPad without a computer?
Thanks, Steve
Steve Webb

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    6/14/11 @ 4:36 pm

    We won’t know for sure until iCloud launches.
    But it seems so. Jobs mentioned how he wants the iPad to be a stand-alone device. Also mentioned was the ability to create albums using the iPad without having to sync first with iPhoto on your Mac.
    So the pieces are there. We’ll have to see how it works.
    I know right now you can use the free DropBox app to upload photos from your camera roll to the DropBox servers. Maybe that is what you need?

      6/14/11 @ 6:26 pm

      Thanks. That’s what I hope as well, even though I haven’t found it spelled out specifically yet. I’ll check out DropBox as well. – Steve

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