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Will Time Machine Backup Cover iTunes Media Library?

After viewing Gary’s latest video “Getting started with Time Machine”, I have several questions. I just used used a restore from iCloud backup to setup a new iPad, in addition I used a manual backup of iTunes Media Library to setup iTunes on a new iMac. Question 1: Would I have to continue doing a manual backup of iTunes if I use Time Machine? Question 2: When Time Machine does its back up, are the following backups, after the initial backup, only adding/deleting information that is already on record? Question 3: Is the external drive only used for Time Machine only?
I share the iMac with my wife. We each have our own accounts. We use our iMac solely for research and very seldom for create documents, but if we do , we save the doc to a thumb.

I do want to back up the iMac and I have been researching the best method. Gary provided valuable info for Time Machine and if my concerns could be address, I will feel even better

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    2 years ago

    Time Machine backs up everything on your Mac. Every file. So if you are talking about an iTunes Media Library that is a collection of music files in a folder, then Time Machine will have that all on the Time Machine drive. You can certainly back that up elsewhere as well, but Time Machine will have it too.

    Yes, after the initial backup, Time Machine only records the changes. So it saves new versions of files that have been modified, and new files you have created. So each hourly backup can be very quick and small. It doesn’t necessarily “delete” anything as even if you delete a file, it will keep that old file around as long as it has space, so you can go back in time and recover that file if that deletion was a mistake.

    Yes, a Time Machine drive should only be used for Time Machine. The macOS Time Machine process will want to control and manage that drive completely.

    2 years ago

    Knock on Wood, I have not had an opportunity to recover a file using T.M., but is there a video or document that outlines the steps on how to use T.M. to recover a damaged file, I.e. iTunes Media File?

    2 years ago

    Darrell: Give it a try for yourself. Create a sample folder. Put some sample documents in it. Later on, after a back or two has passed, delete one of those. Then with that folder open, then click on the Time Machine icon in the menubar and choose Enter Time Machine. I’ll do a video of this soon.

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