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WMA file playback/manipulation on a Mac

Hi Gary,

My Olympus digital voice recorder creates WMA files which I used to play back using QuickTime 7 at faster or slower speeds, through the intermediary program Flip4Mac.

I still use QuickTime 7 but Flip4Mac has since changed. It now takes quite a while for a file to “load” in QuickTime, even though it’s located on my computer.

Are you aware of other “translators” besides Flip4Mac that don’t cause annoying delays prior to playback?

FYI: I don’t use the latest QuickTime because it does not let me speed up or slow down playback.

— Luigi

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    9 years ago

    It is unfortunate that the device uses WMA files. Some programs to try are: VLC and Audacity. Even if they don’t have the features you want for playback, you can simply use them to convert the files to a more standard format and then use QuickTime to play the new file.

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