Forum Question: Zinio To Newsstand?

I have been getting my emags from zinio for quite awhile now, is there anyway to move the mags I have already purchased through zinio and move them over to newsstand this way I can keep my mags all in one place newsstand?
Paul Palazzolo

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    2/14/12 @ 10:03 am

    No, pretty sure not. The publishers of those magazines would need to re-publish them in a format that works with Newsstand. Zinio is a separate app that works in a completely different way.
    But is it really much of an issue? Same number of taps are required to read the magazine. Does it make a difference if you tap Zinio or Newsstand?
    An aside: I’m glad that there are multiple ways that publishers can choose to distribute their magazines. That sort of free market will improve what is offered (and at what price).

    4/15/12 @ 2:50 am

    Most of the magazines already have an app on newstand too. But I haven’t found a way to transfer issues from Zinio to Newstand. I’d also like to have everythng in the one place. Sometimes I mix up the two and can’t find an issue. Its like having two libraries. BTW the competition doesn’t affect the price as the subscriptions are the same price on Newstand and Zinio.
    Just bought a back issue of MACFORMAT on Zinio only to find the same issue free on Newstand as a sample copy. :-(

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