MacMost Now 528: GarageBand for iPad

Take a look at the new GarageBand app for iPad. It provides a similar, but simpler interface for editing music as compared to GarageBand for Mac. But it also has screens that allow you to play keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. You can play each note, or use smart instruments to quickly compose with chords, rhythms and beats.

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    13 years ago


    Allen Binder
    13 years ago

    Is there any way to store selected videos from your site on my iPad 2? It's always nice to have something to reference to. (i.e. - #528: GarageBand for iPad)



      13 years ago

      You could subscribe to it as a Podcast in iTunes. Then get only the episodes you want. Then sync to your iPad. You can even download recent episodes directly to your iPad in the iTunes app under Podcasts.

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