MacMost Now 528: GarageBand for iPad

Take a look at the new GarageBand app for iPad. It provides a similar, but simpler interface for editing music as compared to GarageBand for Mac. But it also has screens that allow you to play keyboards, guitar, bass and drums. You can play each note, or use smart instruments to quickly compose with chords, rhythms and beats.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now. In this episode lets look at the Garageband for ipad. So, Garageband for ipad, maybe one of the most complex apps i have ever seen on the ipad. Now its not that comprehensive as the Garageband for Mac but it has all these cool music instruments that make you compose your own music. Lets take a look. So, when first open garageband you have something like the iwork apps where you can flip through the different documents that you have. To create a new one press the +(plus) button on the bottom and crete new song. Its going to take you right through the instruments.So you have to start a new song by selecting an instrument.So lets just start by selecting the simplest thing here, the Keyboard.S I am just going to tap off a little bit on the keyboard. And here I am going to record by pressing the red button at the top. Then I'll hit stop. And you could see I have recorded there at the top in the timeline, its green there. I am going to now click at the top there is little switch there. And it would take me to what looks like a familiar garageband interface. Here you can add more loops just like in the garageband on the Mac. You click the loops up there and you can select an instrument like drums and select from here and drag it in and it will create a new track. And just I can tap that track there and double tap it will allow me to loop it. Now one of the ways the garageband is different here is if you click the puzzle piece nearby the left you can see the song section. There is a section a with 8 bars and I can add more songs sections. So have loop and do different things. Now I can play this. And I can add more loops to it. I can also select and modify the tracks. And then I can return the instrument with another instrument. So lets take a look here at the smart guitar for instance. One of the cool things here is that you have got bars that play the entire chord just at one tap. And it continues to play strum and record. you can also play the guitar the regular way. Like with the smart guitar i can play the chords i can strum or play individual strings or simply notes. I can play little notes for playing the lead
. Smart bass have similar things where you can set them up to go on with the chords. there is also the smart drums. Let me show you the regular drums first. The regular drums work like this. You have a drum kit. you can click here to choose the drum kit. And then you get to tap the drums. And it does matter where you tap the drums like for instance in the center here, I am gonna tap on the edge. The drum now makes a different sound. So smart drum is completely different all together. Tap on that and you get this grid here. And in this grid you can add instruments. So lets add kick here and i can put it on this chart high as loud, low as quiet, left as simple and complex as right. and we can put it over here and continue to go. And i can add something else the hi amp. i can put that in loud and complex. we ca add some claps in here. snare. and you can actually roll the dice here with the button on the left and create something new. choose a different drum kit as well and you have different instruments with different parts on the right. there are bunch of other instruments as well. This one here is one where you can plug in your guitar using one of the connectors. There is also the audio recorder, recorded from the mic. and there is this sampler instrument record using the cord of the mic and play that recording on a keyboard. so lets try this. MacMost MacMost MacMost MacMost. so garage band works on both the ipad1 and the ipad2. So you may want to give it a look. Its gonna be a lot of fun to play with. Until next time this is Gary from MacMost Now. Want more videos. Goto the and select the videos by category.

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    Allen Binder
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    Is there any way to store selected videos from your site on my iPad 2? It’s always nice to have something to reference to. (i.e. – #528: GarageBand for iPad)



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      You could subscribe to it as a Podcast in iTunes. Then get only the episodes you want. Then sync to your iPad. You can even download recent episodes directly to your iPad in the iTunes app under Podcasts.

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