Glitch an Image On Your Mac Using Audacity

Image glitching can be used to create unusual and random effects to an image. On your Mac, you can convert an image to a TIFF file and then import that data into the Audacity audio editor. You can then manipulate the bits as audio and export it out to create what looks like a corrupt image. This techinque requires a lot of experimentation and trial and error to get a good result.

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    Scott Smith
    5 years ago

    Very interesting, I wonder if there is a way to do this with video?

    5 years ago

    Scott: Almost all video formats are compressed, which means no. But you could certainly find video filters and effects in various apps that give you lots of effects to choose from. Apple's Motion can be used to compile your own.

    Andrew Pacholski
    5 years ago

    Gary, you know you can use the built-in "Preview" app to save your JPG file as a TIFF? No Photoshop or online service required. I just followed the rest of your instructions to glitch a JPG -> TIFF and it worked fine.

    5 years ago

    Andrew: When I used Preview to save as a TIFF, then glitched it in Audacity, I always got an un-openable file. So it may depend on the image or some other factor.

    5 years ago

    Just tried it Gary, very cool, didn't know you could do that :)

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