Handy Ways To View Recent Files On Your Mac

The Recents item in the Finder isn't that useful. But you can create your own Smart Folders to replace it that fit your needs and show you the files you really want to see. You can also use Spotlight or Siri to find recent files.

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    Sherron Challis
    2 weeks ago

    This topic was GREAT – thanks so much. Will rewatch as I implement.

    Beth Thompson
    1 week ago

    Oh my gosh! This is SO helpful. I always look for tricks that help me stay organized and efficient. Thank you!

    George Rubin
    1 week ago

    Gary we really appreciate you. How do you dream these up? Are they coming in as questions?

    1 week ago

    George: Sometimes. I also comb the web for people asking questions on various forums. And then often I just think about Mac software and wonder what could be useful to people.

    John Porter
    1 week ago

    Hi Gary. Brilliant tutorial. Can you delete items directly from the search results?

    Brenda Brooks
    1 week ago

    Hi, Really enjoyed this tutorial and will use it on my Mac. However, I would love to be able to do something similar on my iPad. Any ideas?

    1 week ago

    John: Yes. You can drag them to the Trash just like at any other time.

    1 week ago

    Brenda: On the iPad you use the Files app instead of the Finder. There is no Smart Folder function there, unfortunately. You could probably build something in the Shortcuts app to list files by criteria, but it wouldn’t be fully functional like using the Files app.

    Ann MacKay
    5 days ago

    As a long-time Mac user, I have never used smart folders This was most helpful to help me organize my documents as I juggle many volunteer activities.

    Hans Schreier
    3 days ago

    Very helpful tips! Sometimes the rate of speech is too fast for a non-native speaker.

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