How To Add Custom Text In iMovie

It can be difficult to get text to look good in iMovie since you can only choose from a limited number of title options. But you can use a graphics app or Keynote to create any text you want, and then overlay that text on your video. By copying a frame of your video, you can adjust the text to look good in Keynote, and then export just the text as a transparent image. This text can fit the video perfectly, or be used as a resizable and moveable element to position in iMovie.

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    Ian MacGregor
    11 months ago

    I use iMovie to create my videos. But, it never occurred to me that I could create custom text in a different app and then use that text as an overlay in iMovie. This is brilliant, thank you Gary!

    Christ Marcia
    11 months ago

    Thank you once again! I’ve been using Keynote for titles but I was using the green screen option. This seems a lot easier. 👍

    Vaman Kale
    11 months ago

    Great tip. I will use it in my next movie presentation.

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