How To Apply a Stamp To a PDF On Your Mac

If you need to place a simple stamp to a PDF file on your Mac, you can do it using the markup tools available in Preview, Mail and other apps. You can reuse these stamps by creating a blank PDF just to hold them, and then copying and pasting stamps when needed.

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    Jasper Robinson
    4 years ago

    Am I right in thinking that there's no way to paste your stamp to EVERY page of a multi-page .pdf file that I've missed?

    I tried: View: Contact Sheet > Select all > Paste...but nothing happened. So, this is a job for PdfPenPro, or some similar 3rd party application?


    4 years ago

    Jasper: You'd need to do it on each page, one at a time. How many pages do you have? Even 10 or 20 would only take less than a minute.

    Ashish Jain
    4 years ago

    The markup at the corner of the PDF document attached to a mail , does not show up . When i click on the document it opens in the preview mode ? What do i do

    4 years ago

    Ashish: Are you composing a message (not reading one)? It should appear then unless you are using an older version of macOS maybe?

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