How To Create Animated Charts In Keynote

While Charts are available in Pages, Numbers and Keynote, only Keynote can animate the charts with build-in animations for each element of the chart. You can set the type of animation to fit the style of chart, such as a horizontal wipe for horizontal charts or an iris out for a pie chart. You can group together sets or series and skip the animation of the initial chart background and first set.
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You can create charts in Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and they all have very similar features and look very similar. But there is something special you can do with them in Keynote only. You can't even do this in Numbers. That is animate them.

So in Keynote, of course, you can put different elements on a slide like text and images and things like that and then build in with each element being added when you click or hit the keyboard. You can do the same with Charts. So you can actually have the entire chart appear at once or you can have each element of the chart appear as you advance through the presentation.

So let's add a simple 2-D chart and this only works with 2-D charts. Now it's going to give use some sample data which is great. We can just use the sample data. On the right we're going to click Animate here and click Build in and then Add an Effect. We can add just some general effect. Let's add sparkle here just to show what it looks like. It builds the entire as one element like you would expect.

But you can change the delivery from All at Once to Background first which will draw the background as one step and the chart data as the second step. Or you can do By Series. Let's look at what happens when you do By Series. So there's the background, there's the first series, and then the second series. But you can also do By Set. Let's also increase the speed here. So Set will draw the first set, April, then May, then June, and then July. You can also do By Elements by Series and By Elements by Set. So Elements by Set would draw each actual element from left to right. You can change the type of Build In to something more suitable. Like, for instance, a Wipe that goes not from left to right but from the bottom to the top. Kind of makes sense here. So let's try that. So that is a nice effect right there.

You can also change the build order here. So if you want to change the build order and say, well you know what let's have it build the background and the first set together. So I'm going to click on just this one here and add it to the first step. So the first three are now grouped together. So now when I Play it just draws that immediately. I'm not clicking anything. I can also change this whole set here to, instead of on Click after the transition so it immediately draws that first set without me having to press anything and, you know while I'm talking, and then say well look how things changed for May. So you can play around with that.

Also, if you don't want it to draw the background you can actually say Build From and say, instead of first to last, say 2 to last. Let's separate these elements here again. So now when I hit Play it actually has the background there already because it's skipping that first step and it's going to then let me go directly into the second step and building those.

Now you may want to do different things for different types of charts. Let's do a line chart like that and I'll Add an Effect where, let's say, it Wipes and I'll have it wipe from the left and let's shrink the amount to time it does, and we'll have it Deliver. It kind of makes sense to Deliver by Set. We can look at the build order and let's eliminate the background and actually the first set there. So that means when we Play it it will immediately show the background and where the initial starting points are. It will draw together the two lines for each step. So that works out really nicely.

Now for Pie Charts it will, let's use sparkle here, see the entire thing there. So let's go to Delivery and you can see you only have All At Once or By Wedge. Look at the Build order and there is no background here so it's just going to draw each one. You want to have a really short time for this one. Let's see how it looks. So the sparkle works really well with a short time period. Instead of doing a Wipe we might want to do like an Iris out kind of makes sense. It's going to draw out from the center point so it's not going to be perfect but it will, kind of, look nice there. A little nicer than just having each one just appearing without an animation.

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    9 months ago

    Great tutorial on building effects in Keynote presentations. It has always been somewhat of a trial and error process, but you did a nice job explaining how to separate all-at-once into sets or series or elements, plus the grouping and start positions was something new for me. Thanks!

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