How To Cut Out and Save a Portion Of a Video

You can use QuickTime Player to select a portion of a long video and save only that portion to a smaller file. This comes in handy when you want to only use a small section of a video in iMovie or Final Cut Pro.

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    2 years ago

    I have trimmed video using this method before and then imported trimmed clips into FCP. Is it worth it (storage) to pre edit my video clips this way and then import them into FCP. It took a little longer than just importing the entire clip and editing in FCP. Thanks again for a great tutorial. Ken

    Jonathan Liss
    2 years ago

    Wow, I learned something new yet again !!!
    I have Final Cut Pro and have labored the way you said not to any more. Who knew ?
    I just downloaded the free DaVinci resolve, do you have any experience with it? compared to FCP ?
    Thanks - Jonathan

    2 years ago

    Jonathan: I haven't used DaVinvi Resolve, but as I understand it, the free version is a little more capable in some areas than iMovie, but far from Final Cut Pro.

    2 years ago

    Hi, Actually Da Vinci Resolve in its free version is still more powerful than Final Cut for color grading. Some stuff is missing (like noise reduction and some AI assisted masking) but there's probably 95% of what's needed for a non-professional. In my personal experience I've found it ten times more intuitive and pleasant to use than FC.
    It is more power hungry than FC though, because it's not Apple's baby so less well integrated, and also because it's more powerful (consider Fusion)

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