MacMost Now 504: How To Install Flash On Your Mac

Some newer Macs may not come with Adobe Flash installed. You can install this popular browser plug-in yourself by going to Adobe's site and downloading it. Flash allows you to view some video, game and other interactive content in your web browser.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let me show you how to install Flash. Adobe's flash plug in allows you to view Flash content in your web browsers. Now, Flash content can be anything from video to animation, navigation, or simple or complex games. Now, starting with the current Mac Book Airs, and going forward it looks like Apple won't be pre-installing Flash with Mac. So, you may have to install it yourself when you set up a new Mac. If you don't have Flash and you go to a web page that requires it, you'll see something like this, a little missing plug in indicator here. On the MacMost page on the video shown, is shown inside of a Flash player from youtube. So, you click on the Missing Plug-In link you'll get a little message there saying that the content requires internet plug-in and you'll click on this button for more info. Sometimes this appears and sometimes it doesn't, it depends upon the website can include the information about the plug-in this button works, or sometimes it doesn't. Now, regardless of whether or not you get that button, you can go to to go to a page where you can download Flash player. It takes you here, and you select your operating system Mac OS10 , and you select your version, there's one currently available, and then you click the download now button. Once its downloaded, it should automatically mount the disk image and you should see the installer appear here. Ah, you can also open up your downloads folder if you like. There it is, and you can see, the disk goes here and click on it to run it. So now you have this disk image here inside and the disk image is the install Adobe Flash Player ap. Run that, and it'll actually go to confirmation, you'll say ok, and it will let you install the Flash Player. Now an important step here, is that when you're done you'll quit your web browser so quit Safari. Then when you launch your browser again, go back to page, you'll see the content, rather than the missing plug-in message. Now it may be that you have the Flash Player, but you have an older version. Got to and it just stays like this and you go past the confirmation if you have Flash here which turns into an ad, you get you have version and version number here and compare that below to the version for the operation system that we're on right there, and confirm that you've got the latest version of Flash. And if you don't, you can go and install it from the download center, there's a link for it. Right there. Now if you're having trouble getting Flash here to work, you can go to and your troubleshooting information can help you directly from there. So that's how to install Flash on you Mac. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now

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    Jared Digby
    8 years ago

    I have no video from my webcam in flash apps with flash 10.1.

      8 years ago

      Perhaps that webcam isn’t supported. I’d contact Adobe support.

    8 years ago

    Adobe flash player installed successfully …
    Thank you Gary … :)

    Marco Aurelio
    8 years ago

    Hi Gary, thank you for all the useful contents.
    Could you enlighten me and tell me, why is it, that Flash will not run on iPads? Is this definitive? Or may we hope to use it some time in the future?

    Have a good day.

      8 years ago

      The Flash Player browser plug-in won’t work on iPads because the iPad’s version of the Safari browser doesn’t support plug-ins. So Adobe, the maker of Flash, can’t build one.
      Given what Apple has stated in the past, it does not look like plug-ins will ever be supported in the iOS browser.

    8 years ago

    You made it simple and most importantly you made it work. Thanks

    8 years ago

    I have seen on Macbreak Weekly they have said if Apple wanted you to use flash they would have installed it. I watch Macmost Now on Tivo like the TWIT shows and wonder if the mac users here believe it is ok to run flash on a mac with out security concerns.

      8 years ago

      There are lots of browser extensions and plug-ins and Apple doesn’t really install any of them. Flash was an exception for a while, but it is hard for a company like Apple to produce versions of the OS and also keep third-party plug-ins up-to-date. Adobe provides everything you need to install and update Flash, so Apple doesn’t need to.
      As a Flash developer, I do hope you do use Flash. A lot of good content on the Web is in Flash format. Everything has security concerns. The only way to stay completely secure is to stay off the Internet.
      Did you have any specific concerns? What are you afraid will happen?

        8 years ago

        I have always used flash on my Windows computers and after watching an episode on MacBreak it kinda made me wonder if Flash and Mac’s were not a good fit. I enjoy both shows and wondered what your opinion of Flash was. Since you are a developer and a Mac show maker I am glad you took the time to respond to my question.

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