How To Make a Basic Checkbook Spreadsheet With Numbers On a Mac

A good way to learn some basic Numbers skills is to build a simple checkbook. You can use this to keep track of your bank account balance.

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    Ian MacGregor
    6 months ago

    I wrote one of these spreadsheets last year, but I like yours better. Thank you!

    6 months ago

    Gary, Great video. I have been using a numbers spreadsheet for years. The biggest difference being the first row has the beginning balance in the deposit column with the note stating Starting balance. Works the same. Thanks for all you do.

    martin kelinsky
    6 months ago


    Why go to the effort of creating a starting balance table when it is only used once.

    I feel it is simpler to put a starting balance on the very first empty row before any transactions begin to be recored.

    6 months ago

    Martin: It really isn’t much effort. There are some good reasons to place this unique value into a separate table. For instance, say you want to use COUNT to count the number of transactions. You don’t want that special row counted. Saw you want to double-click on the column heading to select all of the cells in the column to re-paste the formula or do something else — you would get that special unique row also if you did that.

    Cathy McLaren
    6 months ago

    Great one for this Numbers newbie. Thanks Gary.

    Arthur Dixon
    6 months ago

    I am getting an error when I try to copy and paste the formula. It tells me this: The operator “-” expects a number, date, or duration, but cell D4 contains a string. What is my problem?

    6 months ago

    Arthur: What do you have in cell D4? Is it a number? When you select D4, what does it show as the cell type in the bottom left corner of the window?

    5 months ago

    In this spreadsheet/checkbook, is there a way to use filters to see what you are spending on a particular type/category? For budgeting purposes?

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