MacMost Now 20: How to Make iPhone Ringtones

Gary Rosenzweig shows you how to use GarageBand to make ringtones for the iPhone.

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    16 years ago

    I am trying to make a ringtone but when I click on doesnt say send ringtone to iTunes it says send Song to iTunes? I checked and I have the current version.....any suggestions?

    16 years ago

    It should be right under Send Song to iTunes. Do you have the latest version of GarageBand, the one from iLife 08?

    Paul OT
    16 years ago

    It is a great lesson to let me know how to make my unique ringtone on my iPhone. You also let me start to use garage band which I never know what is this. Thanks a lot.

    14 years ago

    Hi, I've been doing this for about a year now, and I was wondering, today, of all days, under the "Share" tab, the option to "send to iTunes" is greyed out. I have an '08 version of iLife. Is there any reason that it might have changed recently or is my computer just messed up?

      14 years ago

      Not sure. Perhaps you don't any any music -- or too much music. Hard to say.

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