How To Remove a Photo Background With Preview

Here's how to remove the background from an image using the Preview app that comes with macOS. The Smart Lasso tool does a so-so job, but it is useful to know how to use it in case you only occasionally need to do this and don't wish to purchase another app to edit images.

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    Markus Radtke
    2 years ago

    I use a M1 Macbook Air since spring 21 an i have so much to learn. Thanks for this video, i like it. This is a very good tip and really new to me. Every day day i'm surprized how good the apple software is.

    thanks again
    2 years ago

    never knew those editing options existed in preview! will have to try this out for when i'm not on my own mac!

    Ruth Shelby
    2 years ago

    This is my first video of yours that I'm trying. The first step starts out - open your photo in preview. I didn't know how to do that, so I asked Google and found the steps to do that. Could you start out your videos without assuming your audience already knows how to do preliminary steps like this? Just a suggestion. Thanks

    2 years ago

    Ruth: Thanks. It is always a balance when anyone makes a set of instructions.

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