MacMost Now 122: How To Send Video Email From Your Mac

Gary Rosenzweig looks at using PhotoBooth to send a quick video email using the built-in iSight camera and software included with your Mac.

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    16 years ago

    I knew about Photo Booth video but I had no idea it was such a large file!!
    I hope Steve Jobs is watching, love the idea of just having a video e-mail
    option built into Apple Mail program!

    Good tips, Thank you.

    16 years ago

    Hi Gary -

    You may want to try GabMail It's just as simple as Photo Booth but you can record up to 5 minutes and all you send the recipient is a link to the video so no filesize issues. It's free, with no download or login.



    16 years ago

    Can be used with other email clients or Yahoo mail? Also, can the recipient reply to the gabmail with a video without having to sign up?


    16 years ago

    you may also want to take a look at Also free and an easy site to use.

    16 years ago

    Thanks that was very informative.

    Tu Pham
    15 years ago

    You are really a nerd. But smart! Like

    14 years ago

    thanks! this helped a lot!

    13 years ago

    can someone tell me how to email a video clip from i movie??????

      13 years ago

      You would Export it. (Share, Export). Then email the attachment. But don't do that. Video files are much too large to send via email. Even if you have no size limit for an attachment, the recipient may have a limit for an attachment or their inbox. Or they could have a slower connection than you and a huge video file will clog up their incoming mail.
      Instead, use a video sharing site like YouTube (you can make a video private if you want) or a file sharing solution like iDisk or DropBox. Then just email them a link to the file.

        12 years ago

        If you know the recipient-to-be has an iphone, re-open the saved video (it's in a folder called "Photo Booth" in ~/User/Pictures) in Quicktime Player 10*, review / trim it as necessary, and then export it from within QT to iphone format, saving in 3gp format.

        I took a 1 minute Photo Booth video that was 2.4 megs, and exporting as above, it went down to 650K, small enough for slow email.

        * (editing is easier in QT 7 Pro, but file size is smaller when exported from QT 10 - YMMV)

    13 years ago

    i spent alot of time making a mini movie from imovie.... i want to know how do i email this movie i know you said photo booth is a way but i already put alot of time in this movie so how can i email my mini movie from imovie it would really help me out i've been racking my brain for days trying to figure this out.....HELP.......

    13 years ago

    I loaded my photos into iphoto on my mac. I have a 1 min video that I would like to share with my family but I can't figure out how to send it. I have no trouble e-mailing pictures. How do I send the video. I'm not very good with computers, please help.

      13 years ago

      Depends on your version of iPhoto. On the latest version, just select the video, and press the Share button at the bottom right.

    13 years ago

    I was trying to share a short 1min 10 second video only last night and iphoto would not let me share video. i have the latest (i think downloaded only in november) iphoto. as i have seen above i tried through my imovie but i still could not send. would you still recommend through youtube?

      13 years ago

      What do you mean by "would not let me share" -- was there an error message? I usually export from iPhoto or iMovie to a file. Then upload that file to YouTube via the web interface. This will give you a better idea of why it does or does not work.

    12 years ago

    I try and send a video via email, and every time i try and upload it as an attachment, the attachment doesnt appear, and it doesnt grab it. I also tried to drag it from finder, and that too wont allow it to be attached. I know i can do it thru quicktime as well, and the same error keeps happening when i try to attach it. Any ideas?

      12 years ago

      Perhaps the video is simply too large for your email provider.

    12 years ago

    Your hint is 4 years old, can you or have you updated it?

      12 years ago

      This still works. What sort of update are you looking for?

      Jak Plihal
      12 years ago

      Andrew -- maybe this is the update you are looking for... use your iphone and keep it under 1 minute...


    12 years ago

    You can use ForgetBox: drag video on an icon --> select a recipients --> Sent.

    So much simpler...

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