How To Use ChatGPT To Learn Things

You can use ChatGPT to learn about various topics, get suggestions, improve skills and even quiz yourself or your students on subjects.

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    kerry mong
    1 year ago

    HIi Gary was wondering why I can't find chatGPT in my apple App Store?

    1 year ago

    Kerry: It is not an app. It is a website:

    Allan Mathis
    1 year ago

    When I summarize a document in ChatGPT say 1600 words and I ask for 900 words, the summarization stops after a few minutes and you can tell it did not summarize the complete document. Is there a way to have it continue it to get a full summarization in 900 words.

    I copy and paste into ChatGPT and made sure all the document was fully copied. ChatGPT says you can use the continue command, however I have not been able to get it to work.

    1 year ago

    Allan: Not sure why it isn't working. Just keep experimenting and remember they are improving it all the time so what doesn't work now may work next week.

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