How To Use iMovie For Mac In Under 5 Minutes

Learn how to create an iMovie project, edit it, and export in less than 5 minutes with this complete tutorial. In this fast tutorial I take four clips, trim and arrange them, add titles, transisions, music and filters, and then export a finished project. Get up to speed on iMovie for Mac fast.

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    Tom Gifford
    12 months ago

    I am trying to become one with iMovie. The area that confounds me is that of how iMovie uses Libraries and Projects to save clips. It is not intuitive that (as I understand it), iMovie might save my clips in the Project folder or the Media folder within a Library package and might even copy or move them to another Library package. For example, I think the clips that you dragged in are in the Project folder and the others are in Media folder. How does one understand all this? Any pointers?

    Hank Sidney
    12 months ago

    Thank you – very useful tutorial.

    Bradley Smith
    11 months ago

    Possibly too fast. Very hard to follow. Split into 2 clips may be more useful? Currently, it would leave a newbie dumbfounded.

    11 months ago

    Thanks for the short tutorial. I can easily repeat the video as I complete each task in the movie.

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