How To Use iPad Split View and Slide Over

Multitasking on an iPad in iOS 14 is done using either Split View or Slide Over. The first allows you to split your screen between two apps. The second will palce a small vertical window over the main app. But activiating these features takes some complicated gestures.

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    John Russell
    3 years ago

    It would be nice if we could ask Siri, "Hey, Siri - - put Safari and Pages in split view."

    Terry Mann
    3 years ago

    So useful. My mother just bought an iPad and I’m about to try to teach her how to do this. You make it so much easier than I ever could!

    Bruce C
    3 years ago

    Thanks for this tutorial, Gary. I’ve used the split screen since they made it available, but this gave me a lot of pointers that I wasn’t aware of. One question: why do you ever use slide over? I’ve known about it, but to me it is just an annoyance. Whenever I accidentally engage it, I immediately close it bc it is blocking my screen. What are some circumstances/examples of where y’all find it useful?

    3 years ago

    Bruce: Different people would use it in different ways. Examples would be to slide over Messages to see and reply to an incoming messages while reading in Safari or Books, add a Reminder while reading your email, look at or edit a Note while exploring in Maps, and so on.

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