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How to view content using flash player on the ipad?

Most internet sites require adobe flash player to play their contents, how can i do this on my ipad??

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    9 years ago

    I definitely wouldn’t say “most” sites require Flash.
    But some do, yes. Unfortunately, the Flash player is not available on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. Apple has decided not to allow it to run in the browser and there is no version of Flash for the browser on the iPad.
    So you cannot view Flash content on web pages using the iPad.

    9 years ago

    I am fast coming to the opinion that it is up to Apple users such as myself, to contact the website one is trying to browse. In my case an e-card company and a local newspaper as they are giving us the problem by preference.

    i believe we Apple fans are caught up in a war between Apple and Adobe which is not unlike the Microsoft versus Apple debate.

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