MacMost Now 527: iPad 2 First Look

Take a look at the new iPad 2. It has two cameras and three new apps to support them. You can also get a new smart cover and an HDMI cable.
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Hi, this is Gary with MacMost Now. On this episode let's take a look at the new iPad 2. So the new iPad is definitely noticably thinner, a little bit lighter, and of course you'll notice that there are camera holes here on the front and in the corner on the back. In addition, I noticed that there's a much bigger grate here for the speaker and the microphone is right above the camera and it's a tiny little dot here in the center of the iPad. Now, here's the smart cover that Apple's been talking about. This is the black leather version, and you can see it's a pretty simple, single, sheet here with this clasp on the end that basically has magnets in it so to actually fix it to your iPad you just lay it over the top and it automatically snaps into place. Now you can see it has to snap exactly into spots on the iPad when you remove it there's nothing there at all. So,it's where the magnets are inside the body that determines where it snaps in. I can't really snap it in higher or lower on the thing. And then once you have it there, you can open it up and play just by pulling. And notice that it will go to sleep when I close it and I can hear the sleep click and then it will open and go awake when I open it. Now if you fold the cover back all the way, it can go completely underneath the iPad, you don't have to remove it to use it and in addition you can also fold it up and use it to stand either this way or this way and you can since you can fold it either way with the leather part out or in and it works. Another major accessory is the new av adaptor. Now this has hd my out so you can hook it up to a television and mirror toned screen. So, here we've got the home screen for the iPad and you can see that there's three new icons there. The face, time, camera, and photo booth all have to do with cameras of course, but first let's check out here the preferences and you'll notice there's one extra preference the iPad cover lock/ unlock switch as you control they're not the cover wakes and sleeps the iPad. Now, if we go into the camera ap it takes pictures just like it would with the iPhone and you can see in the upper right hand corner you can switch to the other camera and when you're done taking video you get a trim bar at the top and you can trim the video right then and there. In the photo booth ap you can see you get a man looks like photo booth on the Mac. Disappointingly, it doesn't seem like you can take a video in photo booth here in the iPad only still photos so you can take a still photo like this and then you get them to drop down at the bottom there just like you know, they do on the Mac and you can easily select and delete them from photo booth there. So it's just a fun ap, not anything more than that. So there's my look at the new iPad 2. I'll be having more tutorials about the newer aps for the iPad in the coming episodes. Until next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    Mike S
    8 years ago

    Thanks, Gary! I ordered online — expected delivery is 4/6…

    8 years ago

    Boy… nothing like a new Apple product to bring out the Apple-haters all around the web.

    Hope you’re enjoying your new iPad 2 and look forward to more reviews.

    Daniel EYER
    8 years ago

    Comment is related to the autocomplete you had in this newsletter. Does not seem to work with email – is that correct or am I missing something?!
    It is a great tool but hoping it works with the app that I use the most!

      8 years ago

      It looks like Mail is using the Esc key for something else. Oh well.

    8 years ago

    I have one, except I have the green smart cover and it is awesome, and I am actually watching this on my iPad.

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