MacMost Now 933: iPhone 5s Slo-Mo Video

With the fast processor in the iPhone 5s, you can take 120 FPS video and slow down a portion of that video for an interesting effect. Learn how to use this feature, and how it really works.

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    10 years ago

    HI Gary, thank you for all the hard work on the videos you create for this site. Question on the slo mo effect. I have imported my ios7 movie into imovie. I want to apply the slo mo effect to just a portion of the movie. right now when I reduce speed to 25%, it applies slo mo to the entire movie. Can you explain how to apply slo mo to just a short portion of the video when using imovie?

      10 years ago

      You can split any clip in a project. Go to where you want the slo-mo to start. Split. Go to where you want the slo-mo to end. Split. Select the middle part and change it's speed.

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