MacMost Now 417: iPhone FaceTime Video Calling

Take a look at the FaceTime feature of the new iOS 4. You can make video calls from one iPhone to another when using WiFi networks.
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Hi.This is Gary with MacMost Now.
Today lets take a look at iPhone 4's facetime feature.So facetime allows you to do a video chat on your iPhone 4 with some one else who also use an iPhone 4.
you can start a video chat right in the middle of a regular phone call between the 2 phones pressing the facetime button.
Now there is one restriction you both have to have a WiFi connectionSo you cant do it strictly over the mobile communication's network.
So if you both in an office or at home or given places where you have the Wifi connection you can do it.
And when you are doing it you dont need the mobile connection at you are using only the WiFi bandwidth for facetime.
Its kind of like video chat in iChat.
Now lets take a look at doing an example chat with a friend of mine.
ok so now I'm gonna give my firend Dave Taylor a call and you might know him from
I'm gonna call him and try facetime.
Hi dave.
Hi Dave.How are you doing..
Well lets try it.
and that is just connecting and there we are.
How are you doing man?
How are you .
good.SO what do you think of facetime.
I like it so far.actually like it better when I don't have camera going up my nose.i think its kind of a cool gimmick.if you will interms of how much I actually use it in the big picture .I dunno.i think it could be fun but I don't like using the phone anyway.i like using the phone as a gadget.i don't really like talking on the phone you I mean I have to say I do think that is a kind of temporary point is that what we will see is what is a open source alternative that will you know give us anyone with a smart phone that has,I don't never clear on the terminology front facing,rear facing,I guess a front facing camera but they are gonne know something skype is gonna come out in a next 3 months.
sure well I'm excited that you know supposedly all this stuff must be open source so that the developers will come up with computers,android phones,that will work with the iPhone 4 theoritically.
so what do you think of it?
I think this is pretty good.
I'm planning on using it to talk to my wife,mu daughter when I'm travellingbecause we have got two iPhone coming handy.
you are a fan boy.
so have you noticed that when you are in facetime you can actually switch to using the other cameras.
I will show you that's the view out my kitchen window very exciting.
Its a nice day atleast..
great .excellent.and you go right back.
yeah I maen they thought of modern things right as apple always does.
so you know I think its very cool.we are doing pretty good.we both have you know hold the cell connections right .This is a pretty good quality video chat.
yeah I mean we have fifty miles between us pretty doing good.
So I mention this feature might get better and better as applications are written to interface to that,may be computer applications mac and pc may be other phones,other systems like skype.
so it should be really interesting to see what happens to this feature and if apple succeeds in establishing a standard in video phone calls.
till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.