MacMost Now 839: iPhone Time-Lapse Photography

You can use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to take time-lapse photography easily with the help of an app. You need to think about which device to use, and how to set it up. Then you have many choices to make in the app settings. You can get the app here:

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    11 years ago

    Much prefer the new podcast icon - always thought the old scruffy drawing didn't convey the really interesting and seriously helpful nature of your podcasts. They're great - a must watch!!! Thank you!

    11 years ago

    What is that stand called? K Star, case star? Kay star? I can't find it online at all. Thank you.

      11 years ago

      Case Star. Search Amazon for "Case Star Tripod" and it comes right up.

    11 years ago

    Great find - thanks for the great heads up!

    Carlos Rivera
    11 years ago

    Just a minor suggestion if you are going to use your iPhone for time lapse video. Put the iPhone in airplane mode that way no incoming calls, notifications, reminders, etc. will come in could disrupt the flow of the video capture.

      11 years ago

      Good idea. In my case I was using an old iPhone without a mobile connection. Same as an iPad or iPod touch. But I suppose you can still receive messages if you don't do this.

    Michael Dunlop
    11 years ago

    Presumably the device is plugged into the mains to keep it charged????

    Thanks for all the excellent videos Gary - always something new to learn or explore!

    Eric Byrne
    11 years ago

    Hi Gary. Thanks for the time lapse recording tutorial. I think this was asked many times so my apologies but how are you recording the screen of your iOS device?

    Paul Thompson
    11 years ago

    Excellent video. I hope it will work on my iPod; I'll give it a try!
    Thanks for the info.

    Wayne Garriepy
    11 years ago

    Cool Gary! As always and so consistently, you come through with great stuff. That's why I subscribe and others who value creativity and productivity should also.

    11 years ago

    Really enjoy your work, thought I saw you a while back - but with that park, we live in the same hood. Going to use this alot.
    Thanks, Matt

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