iPod Game Cheat Codes

Apple recently released several cheat codes for the Texas Holdem and Vortex games for the 5th generation iPods. Entering the codes is tricky. In Texas Holdem, you need to create a new user and enter cheat code as the user name. But instead of finalizing the name, hold down the middle iPod button for 5 seconds. We found that if you make one mistake and use the backspace to correct it, the cheat code doesn’t take. You know if this works because the word “Secret” will appear, and the name will not be added.

In Texas Holdem, using the cheats was tricky as well. For instance, you don’t just get to play against dogs when you enter PLAYDOGS. Instead, an additional $10,000-buy-in table appears all the way to the right of the game selection menu. Same for the stonehenge and space cheats. The YOUCHEAT code adds a new menu to the game, that isn’t obviously there at first glance.

Here is a list of cheat codes for you to try out. iLounge has a great run-down of them all, with screen shots.

Texas Holdem:



  • _PWR_B
  • I_GUNZ
  • ME_PAZ