Keynote Low Light Notes

A new feature in Keynote allows you to have your presenter notes in white text on a black background. This makes it easier to present in front of a dark room using a MacBook connected to a large screen.
Video Transcript / Captions
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Here's a new feature in Keynote, version 7.1. It's a tiny little feature but it could be useful to a lot of people. Imagine you have your presentation ready. Your Mac is hooked up to a projector and the lights are turned off into the room. You're going to make a presentation.

So you start. You do Play Slideshow and the slides are projected onto the screen behind you in the dark room On your Mac though you see the presentation screen. Your current slide. Your next slide. Your notes and maybe the time. There's all sorts of other things you can display here.

Now the room is dark yet you've got this big white rectangle that's your presentation notes shining on you. As a matter of fact you may have these two elements turned off and your entire screen, at this point, could be white shining on you not only making you more visible where you want the screen behind you to be the most visible thing. But also it's hard on your eyes. You're staring at white text and then you stare at the audience and it's hard for you to adjust.

Well, there's a new little feature here called Invert Colors. Just click that inside of Notes and now that has white text on a black background. Your screen is much darker and it's much easier to make your presentation. It's a tiny little feature but it's very easy to use and I know it'll be very useful for a lot of people.

You also have the ability to change the size of the text in your notes there to make it a little easier to read. So take a look at that. If you're used to presenting to people in a dark room, or even in a regular room with regular light, it may be a lot easier for you to read the test if it's white on a black background in Keynote.