Learn How To Use Reader View To Read Articles Online

Reader View is a special mode you can bring up in your web browser that gets rid of ads and other page elements and lets you focus on the text of an article. In Safari on your Mac you can bring it up with the click of a button or a keyboard shortcut. You can also set a website to always show Reader View when possible, though this can cause problems. Firefox also has a Reader View, but Chrome's version is difficult to get to and doesn't work as well. Safari on iOS and iPadOS also has Reader View.

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    Linda DesGroseilliers
    5 years ago

    Thanks for the info re Reader. I've used it for years and am always amazed that more people aren't aware of it. You offered an explanation — some of the more popular browsers (for example, Chrome) do not make it available. Reader has made life so much simpler! Thanks again.

    John Griffiths
    5 years ago

    Thanks for posting this article. I use Reade all the time particularly on my phone. Unfortunately, since IOS 13 they have lost the basic function to simply read an article from top to bottom. There are workarounds. I've called Apple Support many times, they aware of this issue but nothing seems to get done anyway tAnd be great if you did a video on using reader for iPhones:-)

    Thanks and love the videos

    ed Adams
    5 years ago

    While this works ok on safari on a mac it is a total disaster on ipados - it takes two clicks to get it up. It only renders a single page at a time now and often doesn’t render pages when it should automatically so you are required to click it again. This acerbates the problems ipados, iOS , and icloud are having as they will no longer sync tabs for any macOS other than Catalina. Many of us have not or can't migrate to Catalina. So now I'm forced to put tabs into threader on my iPad so I can see

    5 years ago

    Ed: You can do it in one tap on the iPad in iPadOS 13 if you hold the button for about a second. A quick tap brings up options. A one-second tap just goes right to it. I'm not seeing a problem where you see a single page at a time. But I suppose if the website is splitting the article on to multiple pages, then there's not much Reader View can do. It can only show the text that is on the page.

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