Learning About Online Scams

The best way to protect yourself against online scams is to learn about them. Here are three web sites that report scams. By browsing these sites a little each week, you will become knowledgable about these scams and learn to recognize when someone is trying to pull one on you.

Snopes Top Scams Page
Reddit Scams Subreddit
On Guard Online

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    Richard Fuhr
    9 years ago

    Another common scam is when you get a caller who claims to be from "Windows Technical Support" and tells you that they have been receiving reports that your computer is downloading malware. If you ask them why they would know anything about what your computer is downloading, they will tell you that it is part of the support service you receive for your Windows system. They will then try to lead you through some steps to show you that you indeed have malware. Hang up ASAP.

      9 years ago

      Right. They are trying to gain access to your computer to install malware or steal your identity. And there are some reports of this scam where the caller claims to be from Apple too, so beware.

    Walt Crummey
    9 years ago

    Garry I'm sick to death with bills for services I've supposedly had, I must have 200 of these in my Junk File that I've recognised are junk. But how can I turn these into a positive report to a security police or government body, that could use them and close them down?
    Can you advise.

      9 years ago

      So are these just normal junk mail? Or, are they from companies that you have actually done business with in the past, but you dispute the bill? If the latter, then you probably need to deal with them or the companies may send bill collectors. But if they are pure junk then don't waste your energy on them. They are probably from out of your country or impossible to track.

    Linda Caudill
    9 years ago

    Often receive texts on apple 4s smartphone in foreign language with no way to interpret

      9 years ago

      Could just be a wrong number. Is it always from the same number? If so, just block that number.

    9 years ago

    If you can believe this: I was on the phone with AT&T and they gave me a phone number for support so of course I thought it was legit BUT it was that Windows Scam!!! AT&T actually GAVE me that BAD number so don't even trust legitimate companies!! I reported this employee after I discovered it was a Scam but imagine if I had given them my info which I was on the verge of doing!!!!!! When htey asked for my Apple password ...I was like WTF.... just NO....

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