Look Out For These Online Payment System Scams

Many of today's scams involve online payment systems like Venmo, Zelle and Apple Cash. These are all legitimate ways to send and receive money, but can be used by scammers because they are quick and completely online. Learn what scams are common so you know what to look out for.

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    12 months ago

    Good morning Gary,
    What an excellent message - we have to be more vigilant than ever these days!
    Well done.

    Dick English
    12 months ago

    Excellent public service message! You might see if the New York Times would include it in one of their man podcasts.

    Moore Douglas
    12 months ago

    I am a senior in my 80’s and I certainly appreciated this heads up message. A lot of seniors get hooked in this day and age


    12 months ago

    Thanks for posting this video. Even though I consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to computers, I realise this overconfidence can also get me into trouble when it comes to scams. Your video is a good reminder that everyone, including myself, needs to be always be vigilant.

    10 months ago

    The other prevalent scam we keep seeing is in the form of a text from a delivery service (like FedEx) saying our package is undeliverable because of an incomplete address—click here! [delete and report junk]

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