Limbaugh Asks Jobs To Fix His Macs

It may be surprising that Rush Limbaugh has Mac Pro computers, but it’s not so surprising that he would think that he deserves concierge service from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.
Limbaugh appealed to Jobs during his radio program on February 12th.
“‘Mr. Jobs, please help me.’ I know we don’t agree on anything. You love Algore — and by the way, I’ve got no problem with him now, but can you put me to somebody that can get this going, because I know it’s gotta work for most people. What am I doing wrong?”
Mr. Limbaugh said that he was a fan of Apple’s computers but has been having a problem on the computers since upgrading to Leopard. After the OSX 10.5.2 update failed to solve his problems, Rush felt it was time to directly appeal to Jobs for tech support.
Limbaugh didn’t disclose the exact nature of the computer problem, but said “Mr. Jobs, please, I just ordered six brand-new Mac Pros: four for me and two as gifts; maxed out, Blu-ray drives. I’ve loaded ’em up. Our whole office here is Mac, and I just want it to work because I love them — and these two things that aren’t working would seem to me, as a novice, to be a simple fix, but they’re not.”
Rush’s broadcast engineer, Mike Maimone said, “You don’t understand it. Jobs has you tagged. He’s making sure your computers don’t work. If you put out this appeal to Steve Jobs and ask him to help, his reply is going to be, ‘Mr. Limbaugh. Do us a favor and endorse Windows.'”

Perhaps the McCain campaign statement that they didn’t want an endorsement from Rush, would also apply to Apple.

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    2/14/08 @ 10:26 am

    >Perhaps the McCain campaign statement that they didn’t want an endorsement from Rush, would also apply to Apple.

    Translation for MacMost readers; If you’re not politically in fascist lockstep with the bigoted nitwit who penned this blog post – you shouldn’t be free to enjoy Apple computers.

    Macs are great computers. Rush using and enjoying them isn’t a surprise to anyone except for leaky dinghies at MacMost whose intellect is hampered by emotional prescripting that’s telling them that Macs should come with a political litmus test.

    2/14/08 @ 8:21 pm

    Rush is a longtime Mac user and he is simply expecting his computer to work as it is supposed to! Not all Mac users are Algore fans!

    2/16/08 @ 11:38 pm

    You guys are not to smart are you. To link politics with computers is just stupid. You would be better off just keeping your mouths shut. Nobody wants to know where you are politically. If Apple was just to the left wing nuts, there wouldn’t be many Apples sold. You really showed your stupidity and are a bunch of bigoted nitwits.
    In the future keep your political thoughts to yourself.

    2/17/08 @ 10:44 am

    Apple does not offer a Blu-ray drive in their Mac Pros.

    And for the posters Will and Alex, I would not condemn someone for their beliefs. We are all entitled to them. The fact that you tell the blogger to not have them, or express them, is fascist in and of itself. Maybe you should read the definition of the word fascism before you use it in the future. You obviously don’t understand the definition.

    And Alex, your first sentence is quite telling…. “You guys are not to smart are you.”

    You might want to look-up the use of the word “too”, before you make future claims of stupidity.

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