MacMost Now 3: Locking Down Your Mac

Gary Rosenzweig looks at ways to secure your Mac. You can set a login password, require the password when waking from sleep mode, and encrypt your data.

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    16 years ago

    These are great tips Gary, but I thought I would add something. On Mac we hardly need the type of security PC users need and update everyday(!) but as your Mac can still get stolen even with the mentioned system prefs tips, I think these applications are worth a look:

    iAlertU - Imagine a car alarm on your Mac! Any movement of the mouse or the Macbook itself and the alarm goes off. It's worth it for the entertainment value alone. Just move away from your Mac and tell your colleagues "don't touch", they won't be able to resist and will face the consequences! It is currently free and in beta.

    Periscope - Your Mac gets stolen, you phone a number, then when it connects to a network, Periscope takes mugshots of the thief and secretly emails them, and the computers location, to the developers who with the police can get your Mac back.

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