Mac Basics: Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is one of the most basic skills you need to master to get the most from your Mac. You can use drag and drop to move files, rearrange items, move content from one app to another, and much more.

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    Tricia Joaquin
    1 year ago

    Gary, thank you so much. I'm trying to learn digital scrapbooking and figure out how to download a file and get it to the right place so I can find it again and be able to use it. Most people use PC's so I feel a little challenged when it comes to the right way to do it. This one is encouraging. Your videos are always spot on and so helpful. You are a great teacher. I know there is much more to it, but this is a good start.

    Gloria Messer
    1 year ago

    In your tutorial, I noticed that the the date in the upper right corner of the menu bar is greyed out. This has been driving me crazy since I upgraded to big Sur 11.2.3, However, yesterday the date stopped being greyed out and became visible. Is this a bug in Big Sur 11.2.3.. I hope it is corrected in Big Sur 11.3.

    1 year ago

    Gloria: That's just an indicator of Do Not Disturb being on. The date and time are dimmed when Do Not Disturb is on. In addition, you can Option+click it to quickly turn it on or off.

    Corin Moore
    1 year ago

    Very clear and useful. Appreciated. All the vids are free and for non-nerds, like me, comparatively easy to follow.

    8 months ago

    Another great video Gary, thank you. I think even some long time Mac users don't use some of these and they really make things seamless. I just discovered another trackpad trick esp useful to seniors or others who don't have as much dexterity. In the Accessibility System Preference if you enable three finger drag on a window's top grab bar its very easy to drag and drop, once you get used to it. Thanks again Gary.

    Joan Saunders
    7 months ago

    I just two days ago got a new MacBook Pro and it runs Monterey OS, I have tried and tried and searched and searched, and as near as I can tell, Monterey (2021) no longer allows that function unless you duplicate the file etc. I don't want duplicate files, I just want to move files from one folder to another. This is something I have to do many times a day for my work. Without this function I might as well stop working.

    7 months ago

    Joan: There's no change as far as drag-and-drop is concerned. You can certainly drag and drop a file from one location to another. Note that when you drag a file from one DRIVE to another, it copies it by default instead of moving. Hold the Option key down to reverse that default behavior so it moves to another drive (and copies to the same drive). But that has always been true, it isn't new.

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