MacMost Now 406: Mac Screen Sharing on the iPad

Learn how to use apps to connect to your Mac and control it from the iPad. You can also use your iPad as a second monitor.

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Hi. This is Gary Rosenzweig.
Today's episode let us look at 2 different ways you can your iPad max with your Mac.
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Now you may know how to do your screen sharing between Macs but yo can also use your iPad to control the screen on your Mac.
All you need is an app to do it.One app that I like to use is iTap VNC and using this you can easily connect to a Mac that has screen sharing enabled in the system preferences.
Using iTap VNC is very simple once you get it set up.Setting up means setting up these Bookmarks that link to Macs that you want to connect to.
So the bookmark is something include that IP address and credentials for screen sharing on iMac.
Now you can use a local IP address or you can use a remote one if you have a public IP address for your Mac you can connect to it from anywhere in the world. Once you have the bookmark set up just tap it and it will connect to the Mac,Once it does you can go and review the screen.Now you can zoom in and out by pinching that you would expect on the iPad and you can also tap the simulated click.
Gonna Double click to start the Safari from the dark and then you can tap it in and say what you want in the field here just as you click there is the cursor keyboard you use 3 fingers and swipe down and it brings up the keyboard and you can even use special command and control keys and the F keys as well.
What is the reason that I like iTap V over the other apps is all the different gestures that they have incorporated to after all it is a touch screen on your iPad.Not a regular screen with a keyboard and a mouse.
So it can be difficult to control a Mac using the iPad's touch screen.
So they have even incoporated all these gestures to make it very easy to click and know exactly what you are doing.
iTap VNC also works on the iPhone in the same way,just have a small er screen and there are also many other VNC apps that you can get from the iTunes app store.
Now another way you can see your Mac's screen on your iPad is to use an app called Airdisplay Now this is different from VNC.
What it is actually gonna do is to create a second monitor virtually on your Mac.
You are gonna install some free software on your Mac to do that and then you connect your iPad over your WiFi network to your Mac and that second virtual screen will display on your iPad.
So its basically like turning your iPad into a second monitor .So lets turn the iPad into a second monitor.
So you have my MacBookPro and first thing I need to do is turn on the Air Display which is a control here on the Menu bar.
Once I do it says no iPad is found.I can fix that by running the Air Diasplay app.
Once I do I can see that my iPad is now in the list,I select it,it is connected to and turn the iPad into a second screen.
Now I can bring my cursor over between the two I can launch an application ,So I have a window and I can move it from my MacBook to my iPad.
now it Is not the fastest screen because well it is sending all the video data through a WiFi connection not through a fast video cable.
But it still does work ina matter of fact you can even click on things on the iPad screen using your finger.
And there it puts the cursor there and turns to the page.Also you can use the display preferences just to control the second screen just like the right display.
So you can see here I bring it up and it brings up the display preferences on both screens..
you can even rearrange where the iPad screen is located yo the left ,to the right,above or below.
So there you looked at 2 ways you can use your iPad as a screen on your Mac.
Till next time this is Gary Rosenzweig for MacMost Now.

iTap VNC:
Air Display:

Comments: 13 Responses to “MacMost Now 406: Mac Screen Sharing on the iPad”

    8 years ago

    Thank you Gary for you great videos.
    Is it possible to see the iPad’s screen from a Mac through the internet?
    Like iCat or Skype do with charing screen.
    Many thanks

    8 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    I am planning an event. I would like some guest to write or draw something onto a photo on the ipad and then wirelessly project it onto the screen. From what I gather, I would need airdisplay to do it. What other apps do I need?

    I read some pple suggesting using Apple TV. But I don’t wish to purchase additional hardware. I would like to use a Mac Book that is connected to a projector and an Ipad and connect them wirelessly.

    Hear from you,

      8 years ago

      I guess you could use an app like that to do it. It all comes down to the app — if there is one that will do the task you want, then you are set. If not, then it can’t be done unless you write your own app. :)

    7 years ago

    Hello Gary.
    Would these apps work with software like Photoshop or GarageBand? I am mostly in bed due to injury, looking for a way to work lying down from my ipad2. I wonder if these are still the apps you would recommend, and whether it matters which Mac computer I buy if I want to do this? I have been talking to the apple shop people about this but haven’t found them particularly helpful.

    Best Wishes, Penny.

      7 years ago

      Not sure this will help you at all. You want to control Photoshop/Garageband running on your Mac, from your iPad? Both are very complex programs that require a lot of user interaction. Maybe a MacBook Air would be better (easy to hold).

        7 years ago

        Hm have tried laptops but the shape is wrong for working lying on my side. O well I guess tablets will get there eventually.. Thanks for your advice anyway.
        Best Wishes, Penny.

          7 years ago

          Of course you can always use an iPad and use the PhotoShop Touch app, and the GarageBand app, and others, directly on the iPad. No need for VNC.

    7 years ago

    Hello. I hadn’t come across PhotoShop Touch until I read this, have been trying it out, thanks for the suggestion.

    Matt Kenslea
    7 years ago

    Gary, I am hoping to demo an iPad App remotely to either Mac/Windows devices using a browser to connect. Any hope?

    Thanks, great site, btw.

    7 years ago

    how do I download the programm?

      7 years ago

      They are apps. You get them in the iOS app store on your device, on in iTunes on your Mac (and then sync them to your device). There are links under the video.

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