MacMost Now 138: Managing Podcasts in iTunes 8

Gary Rosenzweig looks at how to manage podcast subscriptions in iTunes 8. You can now manage your subscriptions on a per-podcast basis in iTunes 8.

FYI: My Twitter name just changed to @rosenz.

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    15 years ago

    Very good and detailed show!
    Had things I knew and some that where new to me. :-)


    14 years ago

    Great show ! I learned a lot . Thanks

    George Scafidi
    14 years ago

    Excellent primer. I came to your video while searching for the way to change the time of day that iTunes searches for the new eprisode. Currently my podcasts update at 1:52 pm. This is too late, as I would like to have the update in the morning so I have fresh content to listen to in the car. Any ideas?

    14 years ago

    George: I set mine to update manually instead. Another good solution is to set it to update hourly -- if your machine is on all night, then why not? But I heard if you change to update manually, then update at the time of day you want, and then switch back to daily, it will inherit the time of day from your lasy manual update.

    14 years ago

    Thanks for the informational video. I learned lots of new stuff. My current problem is that I have too many lists containing the same stuff including about 200 songs or music files that are repeated again and again. Any idea where to find this information for cleaning up so that I do not have more than one list where these appear and also get rid of the duplicates?
    Your help in directing me to the right source for info is highly appreciated.

    14 years ago

    Paul: You mean you have too many playlists? A playlist is just a custom list of songs in your Library. You can remove playlists and still have the media in your Library. Maybe just starting with fresh new playlists is your best bet -- but I'm not sure I understand your problem completely.

    14 years ago

    iTunes 8 is fine, but I'm really annoyed that I can't manually manage my podcasts anymore. I don't want Apple to think for me!

      14 years ago

      Why can't you manage your podcasts? What "management" feature are you missing?

    12 years ago

    Thank YOU! Without geeks like you...I'd never get my best of you tube, Escape Pod and Stuff you should know, updated with most recent podcasts on my i pod. Love you Geeks! Before I was manually making a playlist, then taking time to sift thru and update what I've listened to on long road trips. Smart Playlist makes sense, but I didn't understand how to filter it until your video. thanks!

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