MacMost Now 548: MobileMe Photo Galleries

MobileMe photo galleries are one of many ways to share photos with friends. You can create them directly from iPhoto. They can be shared publicly or password-protected. You can allow your friends to download the photos or even add to the gallery.
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Hi this is Gary, with MacMost Now. On today's episode, let's look at MobileMe photo galleries.
Now I've been getting a lot of questions about sharing photos by sending them via email or creating video slideshows, and there's much easier ways to share photos online. There are many different services you can use to create photo galleries quickly and easily. So let's look at them over a series of episodes, starting with MobileMe's photo galleries.
So if you have a MobileMe account, you can do photo galleries with MobileMe. In iPhoto, you wanna go to preferences, and this is using iPhoto 11 so it's got this special accounts set in preferences here. And you can add email accounts and MobileMe account as well. You can, so you use the plus symbol here at the bottom, add a MobileMe account and go from there. So once you add a MobileMe account you can go into any group of photos, just go into here, I'm going to select, let's say, 3 photos that I want to share with some friends. And I'm going to go down here to the share button, I can also go up here to the share menu and select MobileMe gallery, or down here it's nice and easy share MobileMe gallery. And it'll pop up this window here and show all of the albums I have created so far on MobileMe.I can click New Album to create a new one. So here I can assign a name to it, I can also set who can view the photos, so by default I've got everyone - that's public - or only me, so I have to be logged in into my MobileMe account to see it. I can also add names with passwords and basically just allows me to create user IDs and the password with them. So I'm gonna make this viewable by everyone, I can set whether or not there are download links in the album - I'm gonna turn that on - and I can also set it so others can upload photos right there in the web browser or there could be a special email address to email a photo to, it automatically adds it so you could use any phone, not even an iPhone, to add photos to the gallery by just emailing photos to it so you could create a collaborative photo space for you and your friends. You can have it show photo titles, you can also click on Show Advanced here. You have a gallery page in your MobileMe account, so you can hide that album if you don't want it to appear there as an album people can click on, you can also select the quality of the downloads since I have downloading of the photos enabled.
So as I publish, and what that'll do is that it'll publish, here it'll give me an update here about what's going on with the publishing and I'll just wait until all those photos are uploaded. Now when it's done, you do a bunch of different things, I click on this arrow here and it will take me to the photo album. I'm gonna launch Safari and jump right there, and it will load up the page. And this is viewable on any web browser, not just on mac's, it's pretty dynamic page here; you can see here's the download link because I've enabled that, I've also subscribed to an RSS feed for this. If I enabled uploading, you can upload to this page right here, and it will tell a friend link. You can even adjust things here at the bottom, you see this is all just in the web browser done dynamically, and you can even start a slideshow right there inside the web browser.
So back in iPhoto, I can add to that photo album, so I can have something I keep adding new things to, so if I want to add this photo here, I could select it, simply hit share and MobileMe gallery, and then click on Sample Photos there and it will publish that one extra photo to that album. Also on the left here, you notice I've got a list here of my different albums I have on the web; there's my MobileMe account and there I could see all of my different albums. I can select this one and see exactly what's there. So this is how I might select one and delete it if I want. And when I'm viewing one of these galleries inside of iPhoto, I could click the info button at the button and I could actually go to setting there and I could change the settings for an existing album.
Once you have a gallery out there, it's pretty easy to just to send the URL to a friend in an email or a link to it from your blog or Facebook page.
So there's a quick look at MobileMe photo galleries. They're so quick and easy to use if you're using iPhoto and you have a MobileMe account, and it's a much better option than sending large attachments to friends. Till next time, this is Gary with MacMost Now.

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    8 years ago

    Dear Gary,
    I’ve been looking a few times to your post because I keep on having a problem. When I’ve created a album and shared it unto my MobileMe gallery, I can’t add pics from my library to it. Whenever I select a photo and I click on add, nothing happens.

    Why would that be? I have iPhoto 11.


      8 years ago

      Hard to tell without seeing it first-hand. Perhaps check the settings of that gallery in the MobleMe web interface. Or, try creating a new gallery and see if that one behaves the same.

    7 years ago

    when I click on mobile me it wants me to enter in a username and password however, I didn’t create an account yet…how do I start a mobile me acct?

      7 years ago

      Don’t. MobileMe is almost over. It ends on June 30. iCloud has replaced it, but photo galleries are not in place yet (for Macs, you can do it with iOS).

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