MacMost Now 548: MobileMe Photo Galleries

MobileMe photo galleries are one of many ways to share photos with friends. You can create them directly from iPhoto. They can be shared publicly or password-protected. You can allow your friends to download the photos or even add to the gallery.

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    13 years ago

    Dear Gary,
    I've been looking a few times to your post because I keep on having a problem. When I've created a album and shared it unto my MobileMe gallery, I can't add pics from my library to it. Whenever I select a photo and I click on add, nothing happens.

    Why would that be? I have iPhoto 11.


      13 years ago

      Hard to tell without seeing it first-hand. Perhaps check the settings of that gallery in the MobleMe web interface. Or, try creating a new gallery and see if that one behaves the same.

    12 years ago

    when I click on mobile me it wants me to enter in a username and password however, I didn't create an account do I start a mobile me acct?

      12 years ago

      Don't. MobileMe is almost over. It ends on June 30. iCloud has replaced it, but photo galleries are not in place yet (for Macs, you can do it with iOS).

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