Mojave Dock Recent Applications Section

The Dock has a new section in macOS Mojave that shows recently running apps. It will also show apps that are running that are not in the permanent icons sections of the Dock. You can remove items from this new section temporarily. You can also turn this feature off.

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    Dennis Linthicum
    5 years ago

    Currently I use a "recent applications" stack. Can this "recent apps" feature be turned into the stack or grid version for displaying from the task bar? This Mojave method looks like it will take a lot of real estate, or the number of items displayed will be very small. (On your dock example above, there is only room for three, or so, recent apps while my grid version of "recent apps" has 28 apps available (7 across by 4 down).

    5 years ago

    Dennis: There are only 3, so it won't use up much space. It sounds like you need more, so keep using your stack.

    5 years ago

    i have mojave installed but my dock doesn't do as you pointed out i open things like calendar and chess and terminal and they always appear on the left side of the one line that has always appeared. i don't have that other line, i don't know why.

    5 years ago

    Tim: Did you change the setting? System Preferences, Dock, Show Recent Applications In Dock? Also note that if the item is already on the left side, it then doesn't need to appear in this new section.

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