MacMost Now 175: More iPhone Game Reviews

A quick look at eleven iPhone games, including Fieldrunners, Pac-Man, SinkSub, Touch Physics, Idle Hands, Ocarina and more.

Here are links to the apps mentioned in the episode:
Fieldrunners, $4.99
Castles Lite, free
Castles, $4.99
Strategic Assault, $0.99
Pac-Man Lite, free
Pac-Man, $5.99
SinkSub, $4.99
Touch Physics, $0.99
Trace, free
JellyCar, free
Idle Hands, free
Ocarina, $0.99
You can browse and search for more iPhone apps at the MacMost iPhone Apps Directory.
You can play some free iPhone games at the MacMost iPhone Games section.

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    15 years ago

    To Whom it May Concern,

    My partner and I recently started creating games/applications for the IPhone platform and plan to port popular titles over to the Android/Blackberry platforms in the future. We have had some success with one of our games and would love for more people to get an opportunity to have access to our games.

    The reason I am contacting you is because I would like for you to review our games. I have never dealt with a review site before so I am not clear on the criteria on which you use. Is there a process to submitting an application, are there specific parameters that must be met for you to evaluate our product to see if it would fit your review criteria?

    Any help on this would be very much appreciated.

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