MacMost Now 201: NeatReceipts Update

In this MacWorld Expo special learn about the new Mac software from The Neat Company.

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    15 years ago

    I like the macmost podcast, but lately, there has been alot of "macworld" specials. Don't get me wrong, I like macmost, but isn't macmost supposed to be mac tips and tricks? Not third party mac product tutorials?

    15 years ago

    Matt: Only one more MacWorld Expo special and then back to regular episodes. I knew that this month wouldn't be for everyone, but I wanted to interview as many companies as possible that had interesting products. Then it only makes sense to run them right away while their news is fresh. Plus, the MacMost offices was in the process of moving these last few weeks, so it worked out nicely.

    15 years ago

    Well for me Gary, because I couldn't go to MacWorld and drool over the goodie tables myself, I'm really enjoy the coverage... Thank You!

    Great update for NeatReceipts! Love the program and scanner. I bought mine when you reviewed it the first time. Looking forward to the contest.

    Danny S.
    15 years ago

    Interesting product review. Have to ask -- why the constant looks back to the camera during the interview?

    15 years ago

    Danny: Why not?

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