MacMost Now 201: NeatReceipts Update

In this MacWorld Expo special learn about the new Mac software from The Neat Company.
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Hi this is Gary with MacMost Now.
At this years Mac World Expo, I caught up with the Neat company, and found out what's new with Neat Receipts for Mac.
So just last year, the Neat company finally released Neat receipts for Mac. And this year, they improved the software, and also came out with a standalone version that does not require you to buy their scanner. I caught up with Mark from the Neat company and asked him about it.
"So, I'm here with Mark, once again from Neat Receipts and this year they've got some changes to their product Neat Receipts.
Yup, this year, the first and most important change is a lot of people have asked us, we love your software, but I've got a Fujitsu Scan Snap, or another scanner, and we'd love to use your software with our scanner. So the very first time in company history, we are actually selling software independently of the hardware. And we have our Neatworks software that you can buy, and it supports the Fujitsu Scan Snap, both models, and also leading multifunction devices from HP and from Canon. So for a price of $79, you can get all of the goodness that you can also get with our portable bus scanner which is $200.
Excellent, and there has also been some changes to the software. It can do Business cards with integration.
Yup, Business cards is our big flagship feature its actually the first time that we have a complete parity with the windows feature set, we now scan business cards, receipts, and documents. And what we do that nobody else does, we not only scan them, and perform optical character recognition to get the text off, but we actually analyze the text so that we try to extract for a receipt to try and get the vendor, the date, the amount, the payment type. And for a business card we will try to get your name, your title, the company name, the address, email addresses, telephone numbers. We really get a tremendous amount of information out from the business card. What's also really cool and were very proud of is we actually have full integration with the Apple address book. The address book icon in our sourceview is not our version, its your actual Apple address book. So you can even choose to scan business cards directly into your address book, if you have MobileMe and an iPhone set up to synchronize, all of that information will start appearing in your iPhone a couple of minutes later. A couple of other new things, you pointed out some of the new things in our new UI, we have a much richer, more graphical UI. You can see a lot more information, you can see totals for receipts, you can see the number of pages for documents. And basically all throughout the interface, we've done a much better job of trying to show you without having to go in or without having to create a report of exactly what's going on.
"Actually, and thats a little more Mac like too, with the sidebar looking a little bit more like other apps
Yeah, we have really worked with other graphic artists, and we've made a big effort to follow the latest in the UI design guidelines. And you know I think overall its just a lot prettier, and you know a lot nicer to work with. We've made a ton of improvements. One of the things that were proudest of is that a great majority of our development time since our initial 1.0 release has been strictly driven by user requests. We have built into the software the ability to send feedback, or even bug reports. And those go directly to the development team. We read and categorize every single bit of feedback, and it is used to strongly influence exactly what things get worked on and in what order. And I think its one of the reasons why our users have been really, very happy with our product, because not only do we get a good product out, but we've really improved it, and improved it in the way that users were asking us to.
Excellent, so what's the pricing on the Neatworks and the Neat Receipts?
The Neatworks will be priced for $79 and the Neatworks which is the same software, its the exact same software plus the mobile scanner will be priced for $200. And its all available as of the start of Macworld in our webstore right now. One minor change from people who knew us as Neatreceipts in the past, our company has now rebranded ourself, it is now "The Neat Company". So the web address is now for the store. If you want more information on the product, its
Great, well thank you very much
You're very welcome."
So you can find out more at Now they also gave me a copy of Neatworks, the standalone software to giveaway to one of the MacMost viewers. All you need to do is subscribe to the Macmost email newsletter, and Ill be posting information about how you can win this copy. Till next time, this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost Now.

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    10 years ago

    I like the macmost podcast, but lately, there has been alot of “macworld” specials. Don’t get me wrong, I like macmost, but isn’t macmost supposed to be mac tips and tricks? Not third party mac product tutorials?

    10 years ago

    Matt: Only one more MacWorld Expo special and then back to regular episodes. I knew that this month wouldn’t be for everyone, but I wanted to interview as many companies as possible that had interesting products. Then it only makes sense to run them right away while their news is fresh. Plus, the MacMost offices was in the process of moving these last few weeks, so it worked out nicely.

    10 years ago

    Well for me Gary, because I couldn’t go to MacWorld and drool over the goodie tables myself, I’m really enjoy the coverage… Thank You!

    Great update for NeatReceipts! Love the program and scanner. I bought mine when you reviewed it the first time. Looking forward to the contest.

    Danny S.
    10 years ago

    Interesting product review. Have to ask — why the constant looks back to the camera during the interview?

    10 years ago

    Danny: Why not?

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